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When You Cheat on Your Sport and Accidently Fall in Love

This post was originally published in 2018 for Adventures of a Powerlifter.

Hey people! I am back and I am feeling stronger and better than ever! I have been released by my shoulder doctor and been given the green light to continue all training as I was before this unfortunate work injury. I’ve lost a good amount of strength and some of my motivation for training in the process, but it’s never too late to set and smash new strength goals!

In the process of diving back into a regular fitness routine, I forced myself out of my comfort zone and into a boxing gym. Yes, it’s true, I cheated on my sport. I’m big, I’m tall, and people often assume I am some sort of fighter. The truth is, I’ve never been in any kind of fight in my life. Buuuuuuuut- Once I put those gloves on and started hitting the bag at Bash, I knew that boxing was going to be a new part of my regular fitness routine. I took it one step further and took a couple of kickboxing classes, too. I can’t deny the feeling of hitting something…. hard - And then kicking the shit out of it, too!

I’m here to advocate especially for the cardio benefits of boxing and kickboxing. If you’ve been following me, my social media, and/or my blog over the past couple of years, you will know how much I brag about how little cardio I do as a powerlifter. Don’t get me wrong- I still hate cardio- but these classes will make you forget that you are even doing it. I also have some new fat loss goals as I reclaim my body after surgery and these classes are helping me get there.

Strength training is still my jam, and I will always feel at home under a barbell, but I am happy to be expanding my fitness experience. I didn’t think I was the type of person who would enjoy a class setting. For some reason, I thought it would be hard for me to get in the zone the way I do when I’m lifting heavy on my own. The energy from the people around you and from the instructors is really powerful though, and it makes you push past boundaries you may have set in your head.

If you are in my area and want a little help stepping out of your comfort zone, let’s take a class together! Visit Bash or Ilovekickboxing to take advantage of awesome classes! They’ve both got specials and package deals that are worth every penny!

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