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PG Strength Club aims to help people on the journey to finding the strength within themselves. Physical strength is acquired once a person has a better understanding of their body. Emotional and mental strength thrives on a body that knows itself. Our goal is to help people make this connection, deliver goal-oriented workouts and help make lifestyle changes to promote health and wellness.



PG Strength Club wants to bring only the best in fitness to its clients for real results. With the support of real science and research, nationally accredited certifications, and the passion to be in the lead of cutting-edge fitness, I will always do just that. All trainers at PG Strength Club must hold a valid and up-to-date certification from a nationally accredited organization. This will never mean the promotion of any fad fitness trend that is not meant to help people with their goals. 



PG Strength Club takes being a part of the community seriously. Helping to support other small, local businesses around us is our goal. PG Strength club thrives on community and without inclusion, there is no community. Understanding the social inequalities deeply rooted in our country’s systems and a commitment to join the fight to break them down and rebuild a fair system is something PG Strength Club will always show up for. 



When you hire a personal trainer you are hiring someone to be a part of your team. Trainers will maintain a professional and supportive relationship with their clients. 

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